About - TeamTischler

Team Tischler is Brett and Stephanie Tischler.  We currently live in San Diego, CA, USA and are avid scuba divers, cyclists and mountain bikers.  

Stephanie Tischler is a founding member of Team Tischler. Her responsibilities included lead spotter, diving model, lighting grip, video producer and generally telling Brett what to do. When she is not diving, she works as a program manager for a telecom startup.

Brett Tischler is a founding member of Team Tischler. His responsibilities include gear maintenance, photography, occasionally calling 911 and doing what Stephanie tells him to do. When he is not diving, he works in marketing for a leading semiconductor company. 

Contact: brett_tischler@hotmail.com

All Team Tischler content is approved for children under the age of 18.  Enjoy!!

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